Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a tool ?

You can either fill the form online. Be careful some fields are mandatory, if you fail to fill them, there will be a warning. In this case, use the back button in the menu of your navigator, otherwise you will loose all you have typed (this is intended to prevent robots from filling forms). If you don't like to fill forms, or if you have many tools, you can use an Excel file. Please try to fit with the fields required in the Excel File where an example is given, so that it won't be too difficult for me to insert the file into the database.

What kinds of tools can be submitted ?

It can be either tools that are published and you agreed to distribute according to journal policies, or tools you have just made and want a collaboration on. Indicate this when you submit the tool (in the field "Other information", for example (the last field)). Tools can be cDNA clones, antibodies, cell lines, mouse, protocols, your articles, experiments (for example comparision of available antibodies).

How do I request a tool ?

In the Tool list, there is a request button for each tool that directs you to a request form. The form allows to send an email automatically to the email address of the person who proposed the tool. Don't forget, if the tool is different from the cDNA clone, to provide your fedex account number, the exact shipping address, the phone number + extension (required by Fedex) and indicate days for delivery.

How can I update the file of my tools ?

You can either send me the update by email, or I can send you a password to access your files to modify them yourself.

I don't know how to insert my publications in the home page of my lab

It depends on the journal's policy, contact the webmaster for help.

How to make suggestions to improve the Noxtoolbox ?

Use the forum for this

I don't want my email address to appear

The email of people who propose tools don't appear in clear on the web site. Be aware however that if you enter your email in the forum (which is not mandatory), it will be possible to email you directly. With the request form, you can request a tool without knowing the email address.

I would like to participate in the realization of the Nox tool box

Most welcome. Send an email to the webmaster, or write a message in the forum

Other questions ?

Ask them in the forum
Don't be afraid to try the forms, it is always possible to correct any mistake or to make changes

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