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NOX Family NADPH Oxidases as Therapeutic TargetsMarie-Claire 06/18/2010 at 13:36

26. Ernst Klenk Symposium in Molecular Medicine NOX Family NADPH Oxidases as Therapeutic Targets November 04 - 06, 2010 in Cologne, Germany

Call for submission of abstracts for poster presentation
Deadline - September 30, 2010
Program and further information:
Participation is free of charge. For free registration please visit:

Call for submission of poster abstracts - Deadline Sept. 30, 2010
Authors of 60 selected abstracts will be invited to present a poster.

We expect lively and fruitful discussions and look forward to welcoming you to the symposium.

Yours sincerely Martin Krönke Chairman of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne

ProfilehemArtite 09/15/2009 at 14:34

Censured (sorry) Censured (sorry) Censured (sorry) Censured (sorry)

Answer ThanksMarie-Claire09/15/2009 at 14:19

Thank you for your participation to the forum, of which you seem to be the only visitor, even though your message is rather confusing. From your localization (through your ip address), I think you might be able to help me in determining the redox potential of purified cytochrome b558. I hope to read more. Thanks in advance.

transfection with NOXchandra 07/21/2008 at 09:49

Hi, can any one tell that how to make stable cell line that express nox 4. i am not getting any stable cells because they are dieing after transfection. can you please tell any one about NOX conferences or meetings this year or next year.

Antibodies to Nox4 ?Pidder Jansen-Duerr 00/00/0000 at 00:00

"Dear Nox community, Who would have antibodies to human Nox4 that fulfill stringent quality criteria? Our gold standard is to transfect established cells that are negative for Nox4 (e.g. U-2OS cells) with CMV driven vectors (Nox4 or empty vector) and test cell lysates on a Western blot. This works well for all antigens (>20

Announcement of the Gordon Research Conference on NoxesMarie-Claire 01/10/2008 at 09:15

(message received)
Dear Nox-ophiles,
The second GRC on the NOX family of NADPH Oxidases will be held at Colby Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire on June 1-6, 2008. Although it’s tough to duplicate the Swiss charm, cheese, and wine that permeated the first meeting held in Les Diablerets, the excellence of the scientific program and general conviviality of the participants should be the same. Once again the program will cover the very broad biology touched by members of the NOX protein family, including NOX proteins in fungi & plants as well as in mammals, NOX proteins in host defense, vascular tone, endothelial cell function, endocrinology, wound healing, pulmonary fibrosis, hepatic fibrosis, and more. The opening session will include an overview of flavoproteins and heme-containing proteins (embodied by the NOX protein family), presented by Dr. Bettie-Sue Masters. In addition, Dr. Rikard Holmdahl will present his novel and thoughtful perspectives on the contribution of oxidants to the biology of autoimmune diseases. Like all GRC, the meeting will provide plenty of time and opportunity to renew longstanding acquaintances, forge new relationships, and share ideas. In his contribution to Reflections on Gordon Conferences (see the GRC website), Paul Ortiz de Montellano (an outstanding peroxidase chemist at UCSF) wrote “Gordon Conferences are like family reunions–complete with the tug of opposing egos, earnest discussions about the future and revisiting of the past, the pleasure of old friends and anticipation of new faces”. If you’ve attended a GRC, you’ll recognize the sentiment.
So, Miklós Geiszt and I hope to see you all at Colby Sawyer College in June 2008. You can register for the meeting on the GRC website.
Best wishes,
Bill Nauseef, Chair
Mikós Geiszt, Vice Chair

Answer GRC web siteMarie-Claire01/10/2008 at 09:18

42čme ESCI meeting in GenevaMarie-Claire 10/19/2007 at 11:17

I just received the announcement for this meeting. It is held on 26 to 29 March. The phagocyte workshop is on Molecular Mechanisms of Innate Immunity and Chronic Inflammation. On registration, make sure to select the Phagocyte workshop.

Answer Adress of the ESCI websiteMarie-Claire10/19/2007 at 11:22

A nice idea!Jouve 09/06/2007 at 17:07

Many thanks Marie-Claire for this nice web site. I hope that it will be used a lot by all the people interested in NADPH oxidases or related enzymes and that idea will be imitated by many other researchers!

That's great!!!Nathalie grandvaux 08/23/2007 at 16:39

Thanks for the info of the web site marie-claire. It's a great idea. When we will have new tools ready, I will add them.

Answer Nice to hear from youMarie-Claire08/24/2007 at 08:24

Hi Nathalie, thank you for your message !

Bill Nauseef 08/02/2007 at 17:40

Marie-Claire, i couldn't find the Nox5 & duox antibodies on the list. Can you help me out? Hope that all is well. i finally put in our antibody to Nox5. bill

Answer YeahMarie-Claire08/03/2007 at 15:26

Hi, Bill, that's great ! There is no special category for antibodies so far, it should be in Nox_Duox category. (I corrected this for you plus some bugs).

New toolsMarie-Claire 04/02/2007 at 16:06

Thank you Karen and Karl-Heinz for the new tools in the toolbox !

Dear NOX fans, GenKyoTex web site is onlinePatrick Page 01/17/2007 at 18:27

for further info please look at

Why do snail neurones have proton channels?Roger Thomas 11/08/2006 at 18:03

Ever since Bob Meech and I discovered then in about 1980, we have wondered what use they are in snail nerve cells. Our best guess I think is that they help protons dumped inside by the Calcium ATPase escape from the cell. Has anyone a better idea?

Answer why do neurons have proton channelsKarl-Heinz Krause11/09/2006 at 09:40

why do neurons have proton channels? My most generic explanation would be to protect cells from acid overload that might occur under different circumstances (including Ca2+-ATPase activation) However, as there is in many instances a correlation between the expression of proton channel and NOX enzymes, one should follow this axis more closely. There is emerging data on the expression of NOX1, NOX2, and NOX4 (and who maybe also NOX3) in mammalian neurons. Could that be the reason that they express proton channels? Of course I don't know anything about the expression of NOX enzymes in snail neurons, but that shouldn't be too difficult to investigate

thanks, Marie-ClaireKarl-Heinz Krause 11/07/2006 at 15:44

this is a great website. Our lab will sit together and we will soon submit tools thanks and best wishes Karl-Heinz

It works !Marie-Claire 11/06/2006 at 09:56

Don't hesitate to use the Tool submission form, it works (at least it worked for me), and if there is any problem, it will be easy to solve it.

WelcomeMarie-Claire 10/21/2006 at 22:58

The forum is open for any suggestion, question, feedback, encouragement...

Answer AnswerMarie-Claire 10/21/2006 at 23:00

To answer a message, press the answer button of the message you want to answer !

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